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We are Scriptlens

Teachers are the builders of the future. Every day is a battle to shape and inspire the next generation of African leaders. To allow talented teachers focus on what’s more important, which is delivering quality lessons to their students on the daily basis, we’ve created Scriptlens, the most efficient script grading mobile application in Africa.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, proprietary machine learning algorithms, and a talented team of software developers and experienced educators, we’re helping thousands of teachers grade test scripts in just seconds and with 10x more efficiency. Grading and score recording just got a whole lot better and easier with scriptlens.

Download Scriptlens today from Google Play or the App Store to enjoy fast, stress-free and efficient marking.

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Our mission

We’re on a mission to revolutionize the entire assessment and evaluation experience for African teachers. With Scriptlens, marking a script becomes as easy as taking a picture and letting our algorithms do the rest of the work. Beyond grading, scriptlens also records student scores automatically, generating CSV files.

We believe teachers should focus on improving the quality of their lessons and not spend hours looking through test scripts with a red pen. Scriptlens is here to eliminate the excessive stress of marking and more importantly, raise efficiency and accuracy to 100%


Evaluation and Assessment in African Schools

Assessment and Evaluation are an important part of learning. Whether summative or formative, evaluation plays a vital role in helping students acquire the necessary competencies for life success. But a teacher with 5+ classes to teach ends up with 150+ scripts to grade come summative evaluation time, considering a conservative average of 30 students per class. This is colossal work even for an experienced teacher.

Looking through dozens of test responses on a script to identify right from wrong can be overwhelming to say the least. As if that’s not enough, we teachers are further required to record these test scores on a class sheet for report cards. Monotony and extreme fatigue open up the gates to error and inefficiency. At the end of the day, teachers are unhappy and unsatisfied with their jobs, and students are disgruntled about their results.

Scriptlens completely eliminates human error from the grading and score recording process. The red pen and tired human eyes are now replaced by the lens of your smartphone and our advanced machine learning algorithms. Welcome to a new world of evaluation and assessment in Africa.

Our Team

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Nsah Simon


Boujique Joel


Njokom Alain


Fon Anselm