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The average African teacher grades hundreds of exam scripts every term/semester. Hectic. The red pen signifies duty and correction, however, we understand how difficult it is to look through dozens of test responses to provide efficient and fair grading for all our students.

We believe teachers should focus on improving on their teaching strategies and spending time delivering quality lessons. That’s why we created Scriptlens, a user-friendly mobile application that assists teachers mark test scripts with MCQ and structural questions, and automatically records test scores in just minutes.

Teachers can now evaluate their students without ever touching a red pen. Scriptlens has it’s place in every teacher’s toolbox.

With the help of artificial intelligence, proprietary machine learning algorithms, and a talented team of software developers and certified educators, scriptlens is made efficient and reliable for teachers across the continent, capable of marking up to 300 scripts in under 10 minutes.

Get the app, take a picture of a test script and let scriptlens do the magic. We’re making grading easier, fun, and 15x more efficient.

Download scriptlens from Google Play or the App store today.

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App Features

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ScriptLens uses Artificial intelligence and Computer vision to efficiently mark/grade MCQ test scripts without any special OMR forms or expensive scanners. The app intelligently detects the responses marked by students from the image of the test script provided. These marked answers are compared to the correct answers provided by the marking guide. The output with scriptlens is 100% accurate and grading is 15x more efficient.

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Lets say your scripts are marked and ready, who records the scores on a class sheet? Scriptlens provides an automatic score recording feature which records student scores on a generated class sheet, to eliminate human error. Students fill in their personal details on answer sheets which are scanned and fed to the app. A class list is automatically generated based on the details collected from the scanned scripts, and the corresponding student scores are recorded after grading. Simply share this class sheet with your school.

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Structural-type questions aren’t left out on scriptlens. Grade all your structural type scripts with with scriptlens in just minutes. Take a snapshot of an answer sheet and provide a marking guide. The student’s responses are detected and intelligently compared to the correct answers provided. Worried about accuracy? Our machine learning algorithms generate hundreds of variations of the proposed answers, to ensure all possible alternatives are considered when grading.


Evaluation today is stressful, excessively time-consuming & error-prone

ScriptLens uses Computer Vision & AI to scan through test scripts & accurately identify right/wrong answers following a marking guide that you provide. ScriptLens is:

  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Completely Error-free
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A good teacher should NOT spend hours marking exam scripts!

No more red pen, no more sleepless nights... no more stress! Grading is now as easy as scanning an exam script with your phone.

You can grade up to 1000 scripts in under 60 mins with ScriptLens.

What makes us different

Proprietary machine learning algorithms

Many promise and fail, but ScriptLens through Computer Vision and AI makes grading 10x more efficient. Grading and score-recording on scriptlens is 99.9% accurate and quick

Talented team of software developers

Our team of young and talented software developers works tirelessly towards improving on your experience with scriptlens

Passionate, certified educators

We're first-hand consumers of scriptlens. Our founding team is made up of trained teachers who've experienced the struggle of grading hundreds of scripts as part of the noble profession

Customer Experience

As teachers, we know just how hectic it is to grade hundreds of scripts and maintain efficiency. We've developed ScriptLens with teachers and examiners in mind, with a user-interface that's simple and easy to use.

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